Welcome to the world of Woojum™, where you record Your Place in History.

To put you in the picture (as at October 2012), our Free Trial period is now officially over and our faithful band of Triallers have provided some really useful feedback which we have used to make some major changes, particularly to our Packages and Pricing. We now offer everybody the opportunity to start off with a free-of-charge Lite Package and then to Upgrade to a choice between 2 paid-for Packages if and when they feel the need to. You can read all about our new Packages and Pricing structure on the Pricing Page of our Website.

So, what is Woojum™?, I hear you asking. It’s the place where you record the important Personal Events in your life and we show them to you in a chronological Timeline with World Events from the same years displayed alongside them. In other words, it’s where you record Your Place in History. You can choose whether you want to do this just for your own interest, or to share your Timeline(s) with your invited friends and family, or to allow any internet user to view them.

We hope you will visit our Website, be interested in what you see, and sign up! This BLOG will continue to be kept up to date with information about New Releases, Q and A, and any other information we think – or you tell us – will be helpful to Woojum™ Subscribers.