The Public Timelines Page

Public Timelines PageVisitors to our Public Timelines Page can see any Timeline whose owner has chosen to make it Public, as well as our Demonstrator Timelines. Personal Timeline Events are shown on the left of the screen, and World Timeline Events on the right. By default, Events are shown in oldest first order. If Media Files have been attached to Events they are shown in thumbnail size on this screen. Take a look at our Demonstrator Timelines (all start with “Demo -”) to get some ideas about the type of Events you might want to add to your Timeline to show Your Place in History. Continue reading

The Public Main Menu

Public Main MenuVisitors to our website’s Home Page can use the main navigation Menu to:-

  • View Public and Demonstrator Timelines (the Timelines Tab)
  • View information about our Packages and Pricing (the Pricing Tab)
  • View our T&C and Privacy Policy information (the Terms Tab)
  • View information about opening an Account (the Join Tab)
  • View our FAQs and get access to our Document Library and BLOG (the Support Tab)
  • Access our standard Contact Us form (the Contact Us Tab)
  • If they already have an Account, Login (the Login Tab)

They can also use the Switch Theme button to select from a number of different colour schemes.