Select the right Timeline

I’ve set up more than 1 Timeline. How do I select the one I want to Add a New Event to?

Assuming you are Logged In and looking at your Account Tab, as in the image below:
Select a Timeline

  1. Click on the Personal Timeline bar to display a dropdown list of all of your Personal Timelines
  2. Click on the Title of the Timeline you want to Add a New Event to

The Title of the Timeline you select will appear in the Personal Timeline bar and you can go ahead and click the Event button in your Toolbar to create and submit a New Event to that Timeline.

Order of Events

We have been asked whether Events have to be added in any particular order. The answer is no, absolutely not. You can add your Events in any old order you like, Woojumâ„¢ will sort them into chronological order automatically. So if you set up Events for, say, 1988 and 2000 then you remember one from 1995 and want to add it in, just go ahead. The Events will appear on your Timeline in the correct order.

Published (in Events)

A few of you have asked what the Published checkbox in an Event is for. It controls whether or not an Event is visible at any particular time. As an example, suppose you are halfway through setting up an Event, the doorbell rings, you want to save what you have done but you don’t want this half-complete Event to be visible on your Timeline. If you uncheck the Published checkbox you can save (Submit) what you have done without Publishing it. You will be able to return to the Event later, finish setting it up, and then check the Published checkbox before saving (Submitting) it again to make it visible.