Can I re-use Images?

We’ve been asked whether Images can be re-used. We’ve made a bit of a leap here and assumed that the question is “Can I use the same Image in more than one Event?”, and the answer is Yes, you can. Once you have Uploaded an Image into your Media Manager you can insert it into as many Events as you like. Just open the first Event (ie Add a New Event, or Edit one you have already created) and click the Green Arrow Icon underneath the Image in your Media Manager to insert it into this Event, then move on to the next Event and do the same thing.

What order is it best to work in?

In trialling, we found a number of Subscribers asked what was the best order to work in. They weren’t sure whether to concentrate on Uploading Images first, or Adding Events.

There is no single, correct answer to this question. Our advice is choose a way of working which doesn’t lead to you getting bored! If you are quite happy to spend a block of time Uploading Images to your Woojumâ„¢ Media Manager before you start creating Events, work that way, then you will be able to insert Images into your Events while you are setting them up. On the other hand, you can set up some Events first, to get a feel of how they will look on your Timeline and what World Events you will see, then Upload some Images and Edit your Events to insert the Images.

You can Upload more Images at any time by clicking the Media button in your Toolbar, and more Events at any time by clicking the Event button.