Here in our Library you can find a range of documents which we hope will help you with any aspect of using Woojum™ you might feel unsure about.  All of these documents are in pdf format and will open in a new Tab/Window of your browser so that you can switch between screens whilst working on your Timeline.

Our What’s This? documents list things like the Icons and Buttons you will see in Woojum™ and what they are for.

What’s This: Icons and Buttons

Our Quickstart guides, listed below, walk you through the main processes, with screen images to give you an idea of what you should see at each key stage of what you are doing.

QS1 Add a New Timeline

QS2 Upload Images

QS3 Upload Movies

QS4 Add a New Event

QS5 Link to Your Own Timelines

QS6 Link to Other Peoples Timelines

QS7 Accept a Link Request

QS8 Invite a Guest Viewer

QS9 Accept a Guest Invitation

All of these documents can also be opened from our main website. Click the Support Tab and then the Documents Button.