The Dustbin Icon

The Delete IconThe Dustbin Icon indicates your opportunity to Delete an item (an Event, an entire Timeline). Take care when using this facility – you will be permanently, irretrievably, deleting the item – you need to make sure that is what you meant to do. If you just want to temporarily remove the item from view, use the Unpublish Icon instead.

The Pencil Icon

The Edit IconThe Pencil Icon will appear against items you are entitled to Edit, for instance your Timelines (in the Personal Timelines selector dropdown), your Events (in your Timelines) and the text areas attached to Media Files you have Uploaded. Click the Pencil Icon to open an item for Editing.

The Image Scroller Icon

The Scroll Images IconThis Icon will appear at the top of any Timeline which has any Media Files attached to its Events, above the Timeline Title bar. If you just want to look at the Media Files rather than reading all of the Event text entries on the Timeline you can click this Icon to scroll through all of the Media Files.

The Read More Icon

The Read More IconSome of our World Events have quite lengthy text descriptions. For aesthetic reasons we only display a fixed number of lines of their text. To expand an Event to read the rest of the text, click this Read More Icon. You can click it again to collapse it when you have finished reading. This Icon is only shown if there is More to Read.

The Reverse Display Button

The Reverse Display ButtonThis Button appears at the top of the Timeline screen, in between the Personal Timeline Selector Bar and the World Timeline Selector Bar. Woojumâ„¢ automatically displays Timelines with the oldest Events at the top. If you want to reverse the order the Events are displayed in just click this Button and the order will change so that the newest Events appear at the top. (This just changes the order temporarily, not permanently.)

What order is it best to work in?

In trialling, we found a number of Subscribers asked what was the best order to work in. They weren’t sure whether to concentrate on Uploading Images first, or Adding Events.

There is no single, correct answer to this question. Our advice is choose a way of working which doesn’t lead to you getting bored! If you are quite happy to spend a block of time Uploading Images to your Woojumâ„¢ Media Manager before you start creating Events, work that way, then you will be able to insert Images into your Events while you are setting them up. On the other hand, you can set up some Events first, to get a feel of how they will look on your Timeline and what World Events you will see, then Upload some Images and Edit your Events to insert the Images.

You can Upload more Images at any time by clicking the Media button in your Toolbar, and more Events at any time by clicking the Event button.

Select the right Timeline

I’ve set up more than 1 Timeline. How do I select the one I want to Add a New Event to?

Assuming you are Logged In and looking at your Account Tab, as in the image below:
Select a Timeline

  1. Click on the Personal Timeline bar to display a dropdown list of all of your Personal Timelines
  2. Click on the Title of the Timeline you want to Add a New Event to

The Title of the Timeline you select will appear in the Personal Timeline bar and you can go ahead and click the Event button in your Toolbar to create and submit a New Event to that Timeline.

Add Your First Event

Once you have set up a Timeline you will want to your first New Event. Assuming you are Logged In your Account screen should look like this one below: Add Your First EventTo Add a New Event to this Personal Timeline, first click the Event button in your Toolbar. In the Add Event box which opens:
Add an Event

  1. Type in the Title you want to give this Event
  2. Type in the Year this Event took place
  3. Select a Month and Day if you know them
  4. Type in the text description you want to give this Event
  5. Make sure that the Published checkbox is ticked
  6. Click the Submit button to save this Event and display it on your Timeline

Timeline UpdatedYour Account screen now redisplays to show the Personal Event you added, with the World Event for the same year from your selected World Timeline shown next to it, as in the screen above.

If you have already Uploaded some Media Files you can insert them into your Event before you click the Submit button, but I am trying to keep these Posts to a reasonable length so I will explain Media Files in a separate Post.

Set up Your Timeline

You can’t start recording your place in history until you have set up a Timeline. Login to your Account and click the Timeline button in your Toolbar:

In the Add Timeline box which opens:

  1. Type in the Title you want to give this Timeline
  2. Select a World Timeline from the dropdown list
  3. Check that the Published checkbox is ticked to publish this Timeline now
  4. Click the Public checkbox if this is to be a Public Timeline
  5. Click the Submit button

Add Your First EventYour Account screen should now look like this, with your New Timeline’s Title in the Personal Timeline selector bar and the World Timeline you chose’s Title in the World Timeline selector bar.

That’s it. Now you can start adding Events.