We’ve had a Makeover!

Today I am very happy to announce that we’ve sifted through all the feedback we received during our Free Trialling period and we have completely revised all of our Packages and Pricing. Don’t say we don’t listen!

Our Triallers told us:-

  • There was too much choice of Packages, making it difficult to decide which one was right for them. We’ve narrowed the choice down to 3 Packages: Lite, Intermediate, and Super and you can still be a Guest without having Timelines of your own
  • Our Pricing was too high, it might put people off of subscribing. We’ve revised all the Prices so that the highest Subscription anybody needs to pay is £39.95 and the lowest is absolutely nothing
  • People needed the opportunity to try out Woojum™ and see what Their Place in History would look like before committing to a paid-for Package. We’ve set up a completely free-of-charge Lite Package which everybody starts out with – Subscribers can then choose to get the extra functionality of a paid-for Package when and if they choose to

With these major changes we hope we have made Woojum™ attractive to a broader audience.


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